Owners: Kevin and Lisa 

IG: @__KevinK__






2014 Toyota Tundra Double Cab 5.7L 4x4

Wheels and Tires:
18x9” +25 offset Level 8 Guardian rims with 37x13.5” Falken Wildpeak AT tires

Icon 3.0 coilovers, 2.5 bypasses, billet UCA front
Spindle and cam tab gussets
Icon 2.5 bypasses rear

SDHQ front fiberglass fenders

Glamper Equip:
James Baroud Grand Raid XXL Evo rooftop tent
Tomar 50” white/amber switchable lightbar on roof
Tomar 35” white spots lightbar in bumper
Jottto Cargo Slide bed slide
Dometic fridge
Lithium Ion dual battery system
Nitrogen-pressurized 15 gal hot water system
110v power inverter
Centralized tire inflation
Kenwood HAM radio
Ghetto dust lights (yellow LEDs in stock cargo light)
TRED Pro in booger green
Factor 55 and Bubba Rope recovery gear also in booger green