Speed Glampers Überfahrt is going to Baja! October 2019

Spend one week in Baja with SGU!

Enter through tecate - sometimes they take the food from you. May need to buy food in mexico. We like to meet new people so don't be shy! If you would like to go use the contact form link below and let us know. Beer drinking and general shenanigans will be encouraged.

10 Trucks Max

Role Call


If you'd like to join us, just submit your info thru this link: CONTACT

Typical gear requirements:

  • Big Boy Britches.

  • 4wd truck in excellent condition with all terrain or mud tires.

  • Full size spare and tools to change it.

  • Tire plug kit.

  • Solid recover points front and rear.

  • Extra fuel depending on the route.

  • Extra water appropriate for the length of the trip.

  • First Aid supplies.

  • VHF comms.

  • Complete backcountry camping setup. We will camp in extremely remote areas with no services available. Make sure you have the appropriate gear and clothing.

  • Extra tissue in case you cry when your truck gets scratches or dings.

  • We will discuss food requirements as we get closer to the trip date. Typically we have one truck make a dinner or breakfast for the entire group and take turns. BYO lunches and drinks.

Helpful tips from Baja Mike on Tundras dot com

Just a couple rules to make life easier.

1. Get gas when ever you can. Only gone 100 miles? Get gas. Always buy the premium too.

2. Don't act like typical tourist assholes thinking there's no rules in Baja. There are. And more if the Federales catch you.

3. DO NOT carry a knife on you. Mexican laws considers that the same as carrying a gun down there, which is also highly illegal. There's 3 type of people down there with guns. Law enforcement/federales/Marines, some ranchers in the middle of no where and the cartel. You are neither.

So if you're coming in from Arizona I'm guessing you're gonna cross at the Mexicali/Calexico crossing.

From there you can head south to San Felipe. Stop at El General for tacos and bean soup if it's open. Get gas and ice. There's a place further south, about 45 minutes, called Ranch Percubu. There's a lone restaurant there that has beer and good tacos. I think there is beach camping too.

Continuing south you end up in Gonzaga Bay. Get gas. The road is all new asphalt here. There's a few fishing towns along the way. Taking this road south, you will eventually come to the end of the highway and the beginning of the road construction. It's all dirt from here until Highway 1. This will also take you to Coco's Corner. Famous in the movies, he's also a bit of an asshole. Stop there is you want. From Coco's the road is really fucked and might be shut down for some period to dynamite. It's all canyons and road construction equipment.

That road ends and dumps you on to Highway 1, at El Crucero. This is where you'll with you had a monster truck because the pothole from here to Jesus Maria are HUGE and nasty. Have everyone keep there distance from each other so that everyone can see them after the truck they are following.

The turn off for Bay of LA isn't much further after that. Get gas there as BofLA always costs more and sometimes might be out of fuel altogether. Again, watch the road here.

If you plan on making it all the way south to Baja Sur, you'll need to get a tourist visa. You can either do it online and print it out or do it at the border. It's about $26. They've never checked me the Guerro Negro crossing, but that's because it's a race week and they are a little more lenient with the race teams.

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Desert Assassins 2015 Trail of Missions video - https://youtu.be/lcmYJsV9adw

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Day 1
Tecate border  down compadre trail through the pine forest to the horsepower ranch 8 miles east of Ensenada.

Day 2 is 320 miles
To the never never
Start in ojos negros
Going to uruapan (sp?)
Technical and slow trail
Rancho Santa Marta orphanage
Went to Pacific Ocean
Mision San Fernando
Mission is in ruins but still pretty

Day 3
San Borja mission to bay of LA?
Leaving Chapala dry lake
Off-roaders go through San Antonio to Bahia De Los Angeles
San Antonio Loop 70 miles

Day 4 (?)
Silt beds
San Borja mission35 miles west of bay of LA
San Rafael fish camp mile 540 estuary
After July 20 is turtle season. Don't drive on beach
Take the old road on La Cresta
45 miles off highway 1
Santa gertrudis mission
Rough route
Go to San Ignacio mission
Date palms and lagoon
Halfway point
Drive through tres virgones
Santa rosalia at the Santa Barbara church designed by Gustave Eiffel
Black sand beach
Stay at el morro hotel in Santa rosalia

Day 5
Punta Chivato
El Requeson
Santa Rosalia De Mulege Mission
Palm oasis and river
Gateway to the Bahia concepcion
Just off hwy 1
Concepcion Bay
El Resequen
The 2 sided beach
Playa la perla
La Mision Hotel. Looks awesome. Bellyflop contest. LoL

Day 6
San Javier mission one hour west of Loreto
First tree planted in new world? 300 years old
Head to santo Domingo
Santa Rita to (optional on or off road) La Paz to Gran Sueno
Sierra Las Tarabillas Mountains
Hotel is grand Sueno at bay of dreams
Amazing looking resort 45 miles south of La Paz
Our recording stops here but there should be more footage taking us all the way down to Cabo. Dammit
Found it on YouTube
Mysterious Baja
Gateway to the east cape Agave hotel
Los Barriles, Baja Sur go to the pacific coast
Drive through the jungle on the way to the coast. Sierra de los naranjas to migreno beach Then to Cabo the end