Speed Glampers Überfahrt 4th Annual Fried Turkey Run! Nov 21-24 2019

This is the pinnacle of over-landing trips! We will spend 4 days or so traversing the Mojave Desert and making our way through Death Valley. We are very familiar with the Mojave Desert and Death Valley. The highlight of this trip is a fried turkey potluck. There is nothing like frying a turkey in 5 gal of peanut oil when you are 50 miles from the nearest asphalt road. We will experience all different kinds of terrain; high speed, technical, sandy, rocky, etc etc.

We piss excellence.

We’re going the weekend before Thanksgiving for 4 days or so. Do you want to join us? We are always looking for people to wheel with us. We meet as a group and we leave as a group. We always help each other with breaks and stuck’s. Sometimes we take hot showers without our shower tents, but we always give proper notice beforehand.

If you'd like to join us, just submit your info thru this link: CONTACT

8 trucks max

Role Call


Typical gear requirements:

  • Big Boy Britches.

  • 4wd truck in excellent condition with all terrain or mud tires.

  • Full size spare and tools to change it.

  • Tire plug kit.

  • Solid recover points front and rear.

  • Extra fuel depending on the route.

  • Extra water appropriate for the length of the trip.

  • First Aid supplies.

  • VHF comms.

  • Complete backcountry camping setup. We will camp in extremely remote areas with no services available. Make sure you have the appropriate gear and clothing.

  • Extra tissue in case you cry when your truck gets scratches or dings.

Final routes TBD

Meal Planning:
TBD - We will discuss food requirements as we get closer to the trip date. Typically we have one truck make a dinner or breakfast for the entire group and take turns. BYO lunches and drinks.